Saturday, April 18, 2009

Review of the Lexington Stakes

The Lexington was had a very surprising outcome. A seemingly easy walkover for Square Eddie was turned into a race where he was floundering near the end. Which wasn't so surprising considering that long layoff and lack of conditioning.

The Lexington Stakes

3.Square Eddie
5.Pitched Perfectly
7.Brave Victory
8.Parade Clown
10.El Crespo
11.His Greatness
Hull scratched

Well I struck out on this race. Square Eddie's connections were pleased by his performance and with him being #3 in graded earnings it wouldn't be a problem. I still don't think they should run him in such a big race this close to an injury such as a hairline fracture. Advice closed like a freight train in this race. I don't think he deserves a Derby shot but he's one to look out for other Triple Crown races or just later in other stakes. Garrett Gomez....(shakes head) he just is loaded isn't he?
Updated Derby top ten

1.I Want Revenge
2.Friesan Fire
5.Quality Road
6.Musket Man
7.Desert Party
8.Win Willy
9.General Quarters
10.West Side Bernie

Okay I have to admit I have relooked over General Quarters race and I have started to like him a bit more than I did. So I thought I would give some support so to say. Tomorrow I'll update on some more Derby news but for now I'm exhausted from riding today.

Have a nice evening!


  1. So did Friesian Fire not compete?

  2. No, he's at Keeneland but he's going to be training up to the Derby. A seven week layoff which most handicappers are wary about.

  3. frsian fire worked this morning..larry will have him ready to go

  4. I know it's an old reference but Da Hoss overcame a huge layoff to win the B.C. Mile. In the modern era, layoffs really aren't a big deal. However, I do think it's a good idea to let a horse see a big field and get knocked around a bit BEFORE the Derby. I think most of these horses have done that, so the race should be decided by who are the most talented horse/jockey combo.

  5. I have no problem whatsoever with Friesan Fire's layoff. Jones knows his horse and Friesan Fire will be raring to go on Derby day.