Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rachel and Zenyatta both winners

Results of Mother Goose Stakes
1.Rachel Alexandra
2.Malibu Prayer

Holy cow...she hasn't lost any of her run has she? She is just not normal and like I said before the Oaks she is a FREAK! She won by 19 1/4 lengths after being eased.Words cannot describe this race so here's the replay.

Results of the Vanity Handicap

3.Dawn after Dawn
4.Hot n' Dusty
5.AllIcansayis Wow

Another win underneath Zenyatta's belt. I thought for a second she might get beat but then she kicked into gear and drew away with her ears pricked forward. God as much as I want to see her and Rachel meet half of me doesn't want them to. I don't want Zenyatta's streak to be broken and I don't want Rachel to get beaten. Well it might not happen so I have nothing to fret over now. Here's the replay for the Vanity.

Here is some other stakes results over the weekend.

In other news, sadly after the running of the Iowa Derby, Terrain who competed in this year's Triple Crown trail was humanely euthanized. Here's the story.

I feel so bad for his connections and I hope he rests in peace. I didn't want to end on a sour note so here's a story of Rachel settling into her Saratoga stall earlier today.

Have a great evening!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mother Goose and Vanity

*UPDATE- Don't Forget Gil and Hopeful Image scratched from Mother Goose. Rachel to face two now.*

I'm so pissed right now that they aren't showing either the Mother Goose or the Vanity on tv. And since I don't get HRTV or TVG I'll just have to settle for the computer replays. *Sigh* Oh well on to the picks.
The Mother Goose Stakes at Belmont Park
$300,000 G1
1 1/8 miles 121 .lbs all

1.Hopeful Image 30/1
2.Don't Forget Gil 15/1
3.Rachel Alexandra 1/5
4.Malibu Prayer 10/1
5.Flashing 4/1

Ha! Rachel has scared away most of her major competition here. Only four have come up to the plate. I'm guessing if she blows these guys outta the water no one is going to want to race against her soon in the filly division. Of course my pick is Rachel to win, Flashing to place and Don't Forget Gil to show.

Vanity Handicap at Hollywood Park
$300,000 G1
1 1/8 miles
1.Dawn after Dawn 116 12/1
2.You lift me up 114 20/1
3.Forest Melody 113 30/1
4.Hot n' Dusty 111 30/1
5.Modification 114 12/1
6.Briecat 114 15/1
7.AllIcansayis Wow 113 6/1
8.Zenyatta 129 1/5
Zenyatta to win, Dawn after Dawn to place and Hot n' Dusty to show.
I'll be back tomorrow to post the replays hopefully, and give my opinion.

Have a great evening!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back with tons of racing news

Well it felt great to have a nice break. Now it's back to business. Here's some recent news headlines from the past weeks.

Rachel Alexandra passing on Breeders' Cup-

Sailor's Cap wins Poker against Kip Deville only to die in his stall a couple days later of Colitis X-

Life is Sweet going against the boys-

Whew...that's most of the major news stories for now. I'm already pumped for the Breeders' even though Rachel will not be there. I'm also excited for this year's Claiming Crown at Canterbury Park. I'm going again and it will be a blast. For those of you who don't know the Claiming Crown is like the blue collar version of the Breeders' Cup. It's for previous claimers to show their stuff. This weekend is going to be an awesome weekend for racing as well with Zenyatta and Rachel racing. Zenyatta is going into the Vanity Handicap and Rachel into the Mother Goose. They're both going to dominate. I'll be back to post my picks for this weekend's races and the lineups.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The "Other" Bird wins it. Summer Bird that is.

Link to the video here-

What a race! I thought Dunkirk had it untill I saw Summer Bird come up on the outside and go by him and Mine that Bird effortlessly. I wasn't surprised with this win as I had kept my eye on him but not so much as to pick him to win. I thought he would at least place fourth or fifth but not win. The other Bird won't be called the other Bird now I'm guessing.

It's too bad about Dunkirk though. Yesterday they found he had a non-displaced condylar fracture. Makes you think if maybe he hadn't hurt himself during the race maybe he could have fought Summer Bird off and won. Probably by the skin of his teeth though because Summer Bird was flying. Congrats to Tim Ice on his birthday Belmont win!
I also wasn't surprised Mine that Bird didn't do so well. It wasn't only Calvin Borel moving too early on him though. It was him being so wound up come race day. He was prancing and bucking and full of it coming to the paddock. Meanwhile at the Derby walkover he was as calm as a cucumber. I knew from that moment he wasn't going to turn in his best race.

Now that the Triple Crown has closed it's time to look ahead to the Breeders' Cup. I'll probably take a couple weeks off then start the Road to the Breeders' Cup blogginng! Have a great evening and start to a great summer!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Belmont Stakes and other stakes picks

*WARNING VERY LONG POST AHEAD* So since I have the time beforehand I thought I would post my picks for every single stakes race today at Belmont. The True North Handicap, Just a Game Stakes, Woody Stephens, Acorn Stakes, Woodford Reserve Manhattan Handicap and of course the Belmont Stakes. I'll start off with the True North.

The True North Handicap
G2 $250,000
Six furlongs on the dirt

1.Benny the Bull 123 .lbs 5/2
2.Silver Edition 114 .lbs 8/1
3.Two Step Salsa 119 .lbs 3/1
4.Sixthirteen 114 .lbs 12/1
5.Desert Key 115 .lbs 6/1
6.Fabulous Strike 122 .lbs 2/1

I like Benny the Bull here to win, Two Step Salsa to place, and Silver Edition to show.

Just a Game Stakes
G1 $400,000
One mile on the turf, 118 lbs. all except Forever Together 123 .lbs

1.Carribean Sunset 6/1
2.Raw Silk 10/1
3.Captain's Lover 8/1
4.I Lost My Choo 15/1
5.Forever Together 6/5
6.Modern Look 8/1
7.Diamondrella 8/1
8.My Princess Jess 5/1

I like Forever Together(of course) to win, Raw Silk to place and Diamondrella to show.

The Woody Stephens
G2 $250,000
Seven furlongs on the dirt

1.Regal Ransom 123 .lbs 2/1
2.Everyday Heroes 123 .lbs 2/1
3.This ones for phil 123 .lbs 7/2
4.Gone Astray 117 .lbs 15/1
5.Munnings 117 .lbs 4/1
6.Triumphant Flight 121 .lbs 15/1
7.Hello Broadway 117 .lbs 12/1
8.Kensei 117 .lbs 15/1
9.Hull 123 .lbs 3/1

I like Everyday Heroes to win, Regal Ransom to place and This ones for phil to show.

The Acorn Stakes
G1 $300,000
One mile on the dirt, all 121 .lbs

1.Casanova Move 6/1
2.Gabby's Golden Gal 15/1
3.Be Fair 12/1
4.Funny Moon 8/1
5.Doremifasollatido 6/1
6.Livin Lovin 15/1
7.Dream Play 6/1
8.Justwhistledixie 8/5
9.Four gifts 6/1

I like Four gifts to win, Justwhistledixie to place and Gabby's Golden Gal to show.

The Woodford Reserve Manhattan Handicap
G1 $400,000
One and one fourth miles on the turf

1.Court vision 120 .lbs 4/1
2.Optimer 110 .lbs 4/1
3.Champs Elysees 119 .lbs 12/1
4.Zambezi Sun 116 .lbs 12/1
5.Marsh Side 117 .lbs 20/1
6.Premium Gold 113 .lbs 20/1
7.Gio Ponti 120 .lbs 7/2
8.Wesley 116 .lbs 12/1
9.Senior 112 .lbs 50/1
10.Better Talk Now 117 .lbs 15/1
11.Cosmonaut 116 .lbs 6/1
12.Interpatation 114 .lbs 20/1
13.Lauro 117 .lbs 15/1
14.Cowboy Cal 120 .lbs 3/1

I'll pick Cosmonaut to win, Cowboy Cal to place and Court vision to show.

The Belmont Stakes
G1 $1,000,000
One and a half miles on the dirt, all 126 .lbs

1.Chocolate Candy 10/1
2.Dunkirk 4/1
3.Mr. Hot Stuff 15/1
4.Summer Bird 12/1
5.Luv Gov 20/1
6.Charitable Man 3/1
7.Mine that Bird 2/1
8.Flying Private 12/1
9.Miner's Escape 15/1
10.Brave Victory 15/1

This is a hard race to handicap but I have to go with Charitable Man to win, Dunkirk to place and Mine that Bird to show.

I'll have my post race analysis tomorrow. Have a great day of racing!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Belmont and other updates

Rachel was confirmed that she will not competing in this Saturday's Belmont stakes. Jess Jackson said they want to give the filly a break and point toward the summer racing. I'm a little disappointed but they know their horse. I hope Rachel gets her rest and is pointed toward some more races against the boys!

Mine that Bird, Dunkirk and Charitable man have put in their last works before the Belmont. I have to say that I'm keeping my eye on Charitable Man. His sire Lemon Drop Kid won the Belmont and his Peter Pan win was nice. I think he's the one to beat at the moment with his running style suiting the pace scenario of this race. The only thing really going against Mine that Bird right now is the pace. With him being a late closer that isn't going to be as effective going a mile and a half. I'm not counting him out though. Dunkirk I'm a little iffy about. I'm not sure if he can get the mile and a half and he isn't carrying much flesh going into this race. He could surprise though. Some other horses to keep in mind are Flying Private, Summer Bird and the Zito horses, Miner's Escape and Brave victory. Zito has been lethal lately in the Belmont with Da' Tara last year and Birdstone, Mine that Bird's sire.

Also Rene Douglass is doing okay right now and his wife reports that "his mind is sharp." I hope for the best.

Friesan Fire was discovered last week to have a stress fracture in his left front leg and a secondary nondisplaced chip fracture in his right front fetlock and will now be out for a while. He had surgery on Friday. Hope he recovers well to come back to racing.

Have a great evening!