Saturday, January 24, 2009

First post

I decided to start a blog on my favorite sport in the entire world. Horse racing. I have been following it actively since the 2005 Kentucky Derby. I love this sport, and would do anything for it. I have been through the ups of Rags to Riches Belmont victory, and Curlin's 10 million dollar record earnings, to the tragic stories of Barbaro and Eight Belles. Yet I still love this sport, and all it has to offer.
This blog will follow year round, the careers of racehorses in the big leagues. I will be starting with the trail to the 2009 Kentucky Derby, and what a trail it will be. Then I will make my way through the turbulent waters of the Triple Crown, and the way to the Breeder's Cup in the fall. Hopefully this blog will live up to the amazing sport it will be covering.
I will be posting about workouts, race performances, and any other racing information about the horses I will be following.
With this New year's first month almost over, I say hello to every horse racing fan out there, and invite them to come along for this year's wild ride!


  1. Hi, I saw you on my blog and popped over. I am not a racing fan, but one of my favorite people in the whole world was. She boarded with me for many years and loved the TB's and the track. She worked the backside, knew the trainers and the industry. And still, she loved the races. God help anyone who disturbed her during one of the triple crown!

    Most of what I know about the track, I know from her. She died from cancer in 2006 and I miss her. I miss her enthusiasm for the sport and her love of those horses. So, maybe I'll get a little of that from you. I look forward to following your blog.

  2. Thanks. I'm so sorry for your loss of a great horseperson. I hope you will follow along since I'm mainly doing this for other people's enjoyment. Horse racing is a great sport.