Saturday, May 2, 2009

Breaking News: I Want Revenge scratched

I Want Revenge was scratched from the Kentuckky Derby this morning when a filling was found in his ankle. They jogged him on the blacktop and he jogged okay but the vet said the inflammation was still there.

Well this is a surprising development. The favorite scratched the day of the race. This Derby is just the Derby of scratches and dropouts isn't it? Oh well, at least they are being cautious with him and not running him when he isn't 100% fit. Well now my picks are Friesan Fire and Dunkirk.


  1. Oh no! That is so terrible! How many horses are actually in the derby now? I am glad Friesan Fire is a favorite though.

  2. I think Friesan Fire is now the favorite. Apparently there is a huge rail bias so unfortunately whoever wins the Derby is gonna have to hear plenty of excuses from the 18 losers.

  3. There were 19 horses in Derby. I really disliked that Friesan Fire was the favorite. Made me nervous. And for obviously reason.