Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hold me back wins Lane's end

Well I see no real possible contenders to emerge from these two races but, it's so good to watch it live on television for a change.

Lane's End Stakes
1.Hold me back
2.Flying Private
3.Proceed Bee
4.Parade Clown
5.Jack Spratt
6.West Side Bernie
7.Bruce N Autumn
8.A.P. Cardinal
9.Loch Dubh
10.Bittel Road
12.Dynamite Bob

Well at least I was right about Parade Clown finishing better than Bittel Road. A very poor performance from Bittel Road and West Side Bernie. No Derby for them in my books.

Rushaway Stakes

1.Cliffy's Future
3.Toccet Rocket
4.Sundays Baby Grand
5.No Inflation
7.Summer's Empire
8.Ninth Client

Well I was close again. If only the race had been a couple furlongs longer. I bet Cliffy's Future is glad he won. Now maybe he won't get gelded. Someone must have told him before the race.
Have a great weekend!

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